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The Horse Comanche B-Sides EP: The Story of Bobby & Maeve is out today, included the long awaited "You're The One That I Want" Grease cover! Stream it on Spotify, Apple Music or download it on Bandcamp, iTunes, or wherever else you get your music.

It's been a few years but Sybil and I running in this year's Calling All Crows​ Northampton 5K! Well, one of us is running, one of us will be running at all times.  In fact I'm running right now as I typo tots.  Wha? I'm training hard, I think Pete Francis​ may be training hard too, but while he's chopping logs and running up mountains in Connecticut, I'm in a scientific tread mill tank  being analyzed by nuclear physicists getting hyperbolic steroids and pure oxygen pumped into me under the careful eye of Brigitte Nielsen (and Gorbachev).

We're trying to raise $1000 bucks total as part of our running. The money raised all goes towards our Forced to Flee initiative that supports refugee communities here in this country and abroad whether it be through our winterization packets we are sending to the camps or the service projects we conduct here in the states.  This campaign started two years ago and as many of you know, the numbers are climbing fiercely.  Millions have left and continue to leave Syria.  Thanks for joining us in standing with these families that have fallen on extremely hard times and been forced to leave their homeland.

Thank you for your continued support of Calling All Crows. It means the world to Sybil and I to be connected to so many wonderful people who strive for a better world.

Click here to donate and help us hit our goal.

- Chad

Chad is hitting the road this December for the first Calling All Crows Holiday Home Tour and tickets go on sale Wednesday October 14th @ 12PM EST. Concerts will feature music from all of Chad's projects. We're only selling 30-50 tickets for each concert so be sure to get your tickets right when they go on sale. Here are the dates:

12/1 - Richmond, VA - **SOLD OUT**
12/2 - Charlotte, NC - **SOLD OUT**
12/3 - Elgin, SC (Columbia) - **SOLD OUT**
12/4 - Orlando, FL - **SOLD OUT**
12/5 - Deerfield, FL (Miami) - **SOLD OUT**
12/6 - Brandon, FL (Tampa) - **SOLD OUT**
12/8 - Birmingham, AL - Info | Tickets
12/9 - Memphis, TN - Info | Tickets
12/10 New Orleans, LA - **SOLD OUT**
12/11 - The Woodlands, TX (Houston) - **SOLD OUT**
12/12 - San Antonio, TX - **SOLD OUT**

If you've never been to a house show, check out this short documentary from Chad's first house show tour in 2013.

A portion of the proceeds from the tour will benefit Calling All Crows and their ongoing Forced To Flee campaign and Bringing Change to Women Initiative. Calling All Crows will also be hosting pre-concert service projects in cities along the tour. More on those soon.

All tickets must be purchased online in advance. No tickets will be sold at the door. Ticket holders will receive the address one week before the show. Each ticket will include a download of the brand new Chadwick Stokes EP, The Horse Comanche B-Sides: The Story of Bobby and Maeve. New EP you say?

The Horse Comanche B-Sides: The Story of Bobby and Maeve is a four song EP recorded during The Horse Comanche sessions. The EP chronicles how Bobby and Maeve met, Bobby's unfortunate death in Afghanistan and a love that could transcend his absence.

Track Listing:

1. You're The One That I Want
2. That's All
3. Glory
4. Indiana Fall

The EP will be released on Friday October 23rd, but you can listen to "Indiana Fall" one week early.


Hey all, got my ol' roommate Pete Francis to join me this Halloween in Northampton, MA at Pearl Street Nightclub! He's bringing his band and a guarantee to throw it down hard. We're also bringing our stage mates from the recent DISPATCH shows at Madison Square Garden, the Funky Dawgz Brass Band!! New Orleans style horns going to open up the show! And run the 5k while blowing - second line style!

Count on some encouragement as you run/walk/boogie along the route. It's our 7th Calling All Crows Halloween in Noho and we want to go all out! All money raised will continue to support Forced to Flee, our campaign aimed at raising awareness about and supporting refugees. Thanks for sticking with us and we hope to see you there!!

Get your tickets for the concert here and then sign up to start your own 5K team.

Wednesday September 30th

Can Chadwick Play Your Living Room?

There have been a lot of people asking when Chadwick would be doing another house show tour and the answer is THIS DECEMBER!

He'll be embarking on the first ever Calling All Crows Holiday Home tour on December 1st in Richmond, VA. The tour will feature pre-show service projects, and a portion of the proceeds from the tour will benefit Calling All Crows. However, we can only make this happen with your help. We need hosts in the following cities on the following nights:

December 1 - Richmond, VA
December 2 - Charlotte, NC
December 3 - Columbia, SC
December 4 - Orlando, FL
December 5 - Miami, FL
December 6 - Tampa, FL
December 8 - Birmingham, AL
December 9 - Memphis, TN
December 10 - New Orleans, LA
December 11 - Houston, TX
December 12 - San Antonio, TX

If you live near one of those cities and can host 30-50 fans in your home or apartment, please e-mail by Sunday October 4th with the following info:

Include the date and city that you'd like to host in the subject line.

Your name, age, phone #, and address.

Tell us a bit about your space: Is it a house, large apartment, loft space, etc? Do you own or rent? How many people can you host? What is the parking situation? We love backyard parties, but it's going to be cold in December so we can only accept submissions for indoor spaces.

Include photos of the space. They don't need to be anything fancy, a few cell phone pictures will do.


Concerts will start around 8PM and run until 10PM. Fans will arrive at 7PM and Chad and a Calling All Crows rep will arrive around 7:30PM. Expect everything to wrap around 11PM.

Tickets will only be sold online so you won't have to collect any money. However, you will need to check names at the door. We won't post your address anywhere on the internet. Ticket buyers will be notified of the address via e-mail two weeks before the concert.

Fans will be allowed to film and tape the shows.

Chad will need your help selling a small assortment of merchandise. A Calling All Crows rep will also be on site to talk to attendees about the organization.

Chad won't be using any amplification, just his acoustic guitar and his voice. It would be great if you could provide him with a stool to sit on and a quiet room to get ready and store his things.

Chad here,

Here is newish song that I wrote on the fly for Songcraft Presents and Acoustic Cafe while down at SXSW.

I was skeptical about the situation, as far as my own output. Songwriting on the clock with cameras around is not ideal conditions. It was with some trepidation that I walked up the stairs to this beautiful modern wooden ark of a house hanging off a steep hill in Austin, TX. Like many writers, I tend to write/brainstorm a lot of new ideas looking for a sound or melody that is more special than the others that come down the pipe. If a good melody/progression does distinguish itself, I am not so good at putting in the time to finish said melody because it’s easier to look for new ideas that may be better – the undisciplined optimist = no finished songs. This project with Rob Reinhart and Ben Arthur was all about not only finishing the song but also recording it as well… to someone who sometimes waits years to finish tunes, this idea was a doozy.

Thanks to Ben’s guidance, and the great other musicians, the song came out way better than I would’ve guessed. I still think it’s a little undercooked, but it’s alright considering. However, if I ever tried to re-record it, I’d probably spend the session trying to recreate the spontaneity of this recording. I was thinking I could play the song to Brad and Pete (from Dispatch) and see if they want to jump in on it.


Chadwick Stokes will be performing at Battery Park in Burlington, VT on September 7th and 49 State Pier in New Bedford, MA on October 3rd.


Chadwick Stokes
Together We Win!
Monday, September 7th, 2015
Burlington, VT @ Battery Park
Free - All Ages - 2pm


Chadwick Stokes
Saturday, October 3rd, 2015
New Bedford, MA @ 49 State Pier
$20 (GA) - All Ages - 3pm

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